Saturday, July 10, 2010

I knew this would happen...

See...I've gone an entire month without posting. I'm so bad at keeping up with this thing!!!
I need to do better.

Well, July 19 marks my first evaluation period in this PA Trainee program. I'm in the process of creating my "clip reel" to show my Prod Group members (the people that will vote for me to stay or not). The clip reel will include about 4 or so highlights I've produced--to show my progress in the first 3 months. At the end of my 7 month trainee period, the reel is a big chunk of what's gonna get me kept or not!
Thankfully, over the last month I've started to get WAY more comfortable doing highlights. I think it also helps for my sanity that I've been able to cut hils for a few games other than MLB. I like MLB...but the season lasts FOREVER. I'm ready for some freakin' football!

I'm proud of my World Cup hils because they are the first (and actually only) highlights I've done with absolutely no supervision. How did this happen, you ask? For the first couple of days of the World Cup I was put in charge of all the early World Cup games--being into work at 6:30am--supervisors don't come in until at least noon. SO, I had no choice but to get the hils on air for the 9a and Noon SportsCenters--with no one checking over my shoulder.
Those first highlights of the World Cup were 100% me. :)  I got no complaints about I guess no feedback is good feedback. Hopefully my Prod Group feels the same way...

The one highlight I am especially proud of (which I hope I can put up on here soon) is the one I produced for Game 1 of the CWS Championship...none other than South Carolina vs. UCLA. It meant a lot to me to be able to watch my team get one step closer to a national title (at WORK!)...and be able to show it on SportsCenter, exactly how I wanted the world to see it.
This highlight is definitely going on my reel. If you remember, game 1 was the game in which Blake Cooper held a no hitter through most of the game. I had Orel Hershiser feed me some commentary (from the booth in Omaha) on our pitching performance--and super imposed what's called a 'SOT Box' of him talking over video of Blake kicking ass on the mound.
Using things like SOT Boxes in my highlights will up the "production value" of my reel...and hopefully make it stand out.

In any case, this past week or so has been full of emotion for me. It sounds stupid, but I cried so hard when I watched my guys win the National Championship. For those of you who knew me during college, you know how involved I was in every aspect of Carolina athletics. I loved the Sarge...and for the last 2 years, I loved working every waking moment of Spring at Carolina Stadium. Whether it was working up in the press box with some of the best people ever, shooting the center field camera, hanging out in the dugout with the guys, doing features/interviews for the Tanner Show, bugging Kyle in the locker room, or getting into trouble with Jill in the luxury boxes...I got to know and love that team--and everyone involved with them. I hated being here (where no one CARES) and not with them. Or Columbia, for that matter. Definitely not in my room in Connecticut, clutching the jerseys Lipsey let me dig out of the equipment room before I left. hahaha
It also didn't help that Palmer, Alexander, and Dell had been in town for the days leading up to the Championship. Together we watched us rally against OU...and beat CLEMSON twice! watching us win without that little piece of home here with me was hard.
Thanks Andy, Lipsey, Paul, and Wes for putting up with my constant text messages... haha.

What a bittersweet feeling...

Here are some other pictures from the last month. They tell a better story than me. :)

Taking the guys on a tour of work...

The only people in the bar NOT watching the Yankees or Red Sox...

Freaking out in the middle of NYC...that gross girl and guy in the yellow are Clemson fans. HAHA

Cocks on Top of the Rock...

Showing off my Garnet and Black back in Bristol...

Random from the other day...Breesus was in Studio :)

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