Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's Official, it's been "official" since the beginning of March.
However, I just now decided I should keep a blog about my fun (or sometimes not), exciting, and probably terrifying experiences at the World Wide Leader.
And just life in the "Real World" in general.
I hear it's not as fun as you would think. :)

I start my job at ESPN as a Studio Production Assistant Trainee on April 19. My anxious, over-zealous ass has been applying since I left Bristol last summer. As I'm sure you can imagine, I am SO ready.

In order to get an entry-level position in production at the WWL you must complete 7 months as a Trainee. After said period of time, I will be either kept or sent packing. I suppose only the STRONG survive. <---But the way I look at it: I must be the type of hard worker they are looking for to have gotten to ESPN as an intern in the first place...then hired back on.
But I guess only time will tell.
Probably the last time you'll see me on this side of the lens.... at least for the time being. ;)

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