Friday, April 16, 2010

Road Trip!

If any of you from down south plan to come visit me (which you'd BETTER) up here in the rolling green hills of Bristol, CT... here's your route!
Penske (driven by my wonderful Daddy) and I made the 14 hour drive up the east coast and I am finally here!

Hello neighbor to the north!

Waving to the Queen City as I pass by...

Penske just passing through Charlotte...

Welcome to Virginia, Penske...

Virginia is for lovers...and after driving through the mountains, I can see why! Burk...props to VA for a scenic drive. :)

Good morning Baltimore and Camden Yards! :)

What did Della wear??? Har har har... ;)

Gotta love the Jersey Turnpike...


Penske takes on the Tappen Zee Bridge...


Pretty buildings in Waterbury.

My new home...and the home of ESPN! WOO!

The townhouse!!!

I'm still settling into my room...and it's a pictures will be put up later. :)
It's coming along though. I'm a big fan of this place and really lucked out with the set up, location, and proximity to work! (Thanks Maddy!!!)

The past couple days have been a lovely dose of reality for me. I tried to get everything I could done while Dad was still up here to help me. We got as far as car insurance...but didn't make it through the DMV for my license and registration.

Some weird things you should know about Connecticut that I will probably rant about a good bit:

1) Grocery stores stop selling beer at 9pm every night. Convenience stores/Gas stations don't even sell if you get off work at 9 or later and want a 6 pack...sorry, you're SOL.

2) Wine can only be purchased at the liquor store. However, it IS okay for passengers to drink in your car and have open containers.

annnnnd MY real doozie...
3) Your car must pass an emissions test in order to attain a CT drivers license and register your car. Neither of which they issue to new residents on Wednesdays (go figure) and I must have proof of a Connecticut residency in the form of some mail with my name on it. Sorry, but I just moved in Tuesday...

SO Dad and I went to the "certified" emissions testing site up the street...only to find out that the check engine light (which has been on and off for like a year) would keep my car from passing.


After dropping Dad off at the airport it was on to the Honda dealership.
The lady told me it was probably just a minor problem because anything could cause my check engine light to go on and off...but HEY, just pay us 90 bucks to check to see what the problem is!
Suuure, why not. Connecticut won't give me a license and registration with out putting you through an obstacle course apparently, so go ahead.

Thankfully Honda has a lovely car service, and was taken back to my house to wait. Two hours later: "Hi Laura, the mechanic would like to ask if you would be willing to allow him another hour to further diagnose your car. It will be another $90, btw." Sure, why not.

Finally around about 5pm it's concluded that my car as two things wrong with it.
1) Intake Manifold Runner Control Valve ... Parts and Labor $510
2) 3rd Gear Pressure Switch ... $215

Whatever that is...

You do the math.
Not a good start to my "Big Girl" life.

Thankfully I have great parents who aren't as they put it "going to let me starve or go homeless"...and who will advise me on the right decisions to make in situations where I prove to be clueless. i.e... ANYTHING to do with numbers. Hence the Journalism major... haha.
Thanks Mom and Dad. LOVE YOU! :)

Other than that little speed bump, everything else is going well. I've already seen a couple of my friends up here, and I have the weekend to finish unpacking and get myself together--before I start work with "Rookie Camp" (ESPN's Orientation) on Monday. Tours and lots of stuff I've already done and know, but hey, at least I won't be thrown into the fire until Wednesday.

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