Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week 1

Ok, so I'm going to attempt to post at least once a week to keep you up to speed on what's going on in my crazy life. I don't want to blog everyday (unless I REALLY have something to say) because the last thing I want to do is come home after 9+ hours at work...and talk about work. haha :)

One word to sum up my first week at work: OVERWHELMING

I have had more things thrown at me this week to do, learn, set up, pitch, create... holy crap.

First off, let me give you a little overview of my job as a Production Assistant at the world wide leader...
As a new PA, I will be on the highlight circuit for a good while.  Each day, I will be assigned a game (be it baseball, basketball, hockey, etc.) which I will have to research beforehand, log every play, piece of good video, replay, iso, etc. , and help the editor to cut a highlight for.  The highlight will most likely air on the 11p and 1a SportsCenter...and whatever specialty show it belongs on. For baseball that would be Baseball Tonight (BBTN).
The thing about highlights on ESPN is that they need to be memorable. My job is to tell the best story possible for my particular game--which can be blatantly obvious in an exciting game...or terribly hard in a boring game. My challenge is to make my highlight stand out and be noticed--to try something different--and hopefully make an impression on the viewer...and most importantly, my bosses! haha
All of that is my strong suit--the creative part. That's the part I'm looking forward to and can't wait to dive head first into.
I'm also scheduled to start prompting in the studios in a couple of weeks... I'm excited for this because I will be in the News studio--which are all my people!!! Hanging out with my News friends again will be nice. I'm also going to be turning in story ideas (at LEAST one per week) to my CP...possible ideas for segments, features, what have you. My goal is to turn in more than one a week... That said, if you think of anything cool...HOLLER!
What's overwhelming right learning all the new programs and systems I'm not already familiar with. Then, on top of that, trying to be creative. **(Must remind myself to breathe)**
Don't get me wrong...having been an intern is proving to be a HUGE advantage in terms of my getting acclimated.  THANK GOD I KNOW MY WAY AROUND. AHHH!!

But enough venting...
I have had a TON of fun already being back at work! My first night observing in highlights was the Braves/Phillies game on Tuesday night... if you saw, you know that the game went all the way to the 9th inning Phils leading the Braves 3-0. Our highlight was going to hit early on the 10p Kristen (who I was shadowing) and I ran (literally RAN) to the studio to bring the anchors our shot sheet*. As we were walking back to screening, Kristen was telling me that if I can get a 1:40 highlight out of a boring game like that, I could do anything.
So, we walk back in our edit room...and sit down to watch our highlight, assuming our game was over. But no... we are greeted with a new score of 3-3 ... the thanks to Jason Heyward ...our highlight needed to be COMPLETELY changed for the 11p and 1a well as the 12a BBTN. Wow. hahahaha
Thank god for 1-play...

Another cool thing about my job...almost getting run over by Scott Van Pelt numerous times in one night--coming through doors, turning corners, etc. He's huge...but pretty much the nicest guy ever.  He also loves 5 Points, so I know we're gonna be BFF.


Oh yeah...and PS:
Norwood IS a PANTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Shot sheet--a sheet of paper given to the anchor listing each shot/play used in my highlight so they know what to say/talk about. It also tells them about any graphics or special effects I've added that they should be aware of.

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