Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wookie rhymes with Rookie

Friday night I was assigned my first highlight!  Nationals vs. Marlins
Luckily, on Friday there's no 10p BBTN... and the Lakers game was on, so the 11p SportsCenter went on WAY late. Meaning, I had a good hour and a half buffer to take my time--and not make mistakes. Doing a highlight is not so's just a million little things you have to make sure you do or its a BIG problem. And when your 7pm baseball game ends at 10, and your highlight hits air at 10:10...OR it goes into extra innings...I'd like to prolong NOT finding out how that goes...

So, Nats/Marlins... my storyline: Nats (13-10) ending April with their FIRST winning month since 2005. It ended up playing out well, because Ryan Zimmerman (back from the DL) hit 2 homeruns and Washington won big.
Here's a modified version of my highlight... 

The one they played on BBTN was 1:15...I swear it was less boring. :)
It included the #5 Top Play! yayyy!!! Thanks Nyger Morgan!

Last night, I was given the Twins/Indians game. My hi-supe (highlight supervisor) is a huge Indians fan, so I had to do it justice. :) He ended up helping me out a lot--finding cool things to put in it--but I ended up making the final editorial decisions on what needed to stay in and what needed to be cut. I really liked how it turned out...I wish they put the full highlights online...

The game was pretty boring until the 8th inning... Twins were pretty much dominating the Indians, so I was prepared to have a pretty boring highlight to try to make interesting. But no. The Tribe decides to tie it up 4-4 in the 8th...then absolutely nothing happened in the 9th...SO into extra innings we go.
THANKFULLY weekends are filled with primetime games...and college softball was on (yes softball, haha)...pushing the 9:30 BBTN later.
Since a game like Twins/Indians isn't so high priority, it hit near the end of every again...I had a time buffer.  We did some pretty cool things with my not so eventful game--because it turned out to be pretty exciting!! I put a telestration in highlighting Lou Marson running from 2nd to 3rd...pausing to look backwards...then continuing to head home. He was then thrown out at home. Awesome play by the Twins... but the point of my telestration was to show that had Marson not looked back, he'd probably have made it safely home...and they could have won right then!
We also included and earlier iso of rookie pitcher Alex Burnett walking out to the bullpen wearing a Chewbacca transition into him pitching for the Twins. Pretty funny stuff!
Wookie rhymes with Rookie! :)

Again I wish they put full highlights online...but they don't.
I guess that just gives you incentive to watch Baseball Tonight and SportsCenter even more closely!!! :)

I also wanted to share some pictures from around campus I snapped...

Priority #1 for ESPN right now is the World Cup.  Yes, there is a story high electronic countdown on the side of that building...and yes there is a soccer field in the middle of campus. Football season=football field, too. :)

This is the "Satellite Farm". That huge one right in the front (it looks like a half-pipe) one of only 3 in the world. NASA has one...and I'm pretty sure the other is in Russia or something...

And this one, I took for Hobie.  All this year's sports champions have recliners sitting outside the cafeteria for people to sit down, throw on some glasses, and watch some games on the 3D TV. Yes, we have a couple of 3D TV just chilling on campus.

I'm still loving being back here...but it's hard to have fun working when you know you're under a microscope.--But I am starting to enjoy myself more and more everyday! For now I'm just hoping things start clicking and becoming second nature so that I can get faster...and not have to be thankful for having extra time. My supervisors say it will come with repetition. I know's just hard. We shall see...

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