Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One Month Anniversary

Yep, that's right. TODAY marks my first month of employment at the World Wide Leader.
How do I spend it? More prompting. haha!

Tomorrow is actually my first day prompting something other than ESPNews. I'll be in for the 4p NFL Live and the 11p SportsCenter. Hope it's the same routine and set-up...otherwise I'm gonna look like an idiot! :-/ See what I mean about being thrown in the fire??

But enough about prompting...

I flew home to G-Vegas on Friday morning for Kelly and Park's wedding!! It was super fun...and wonderful to spend the weekend with my family and best friends. I miss everyone so much up here!
...As a result of that...I mentioned in my previous post that I worked a 10 day stretch leading up to my 4 day weekend. Lots of prompting with a few highlight shifts thrown in.

OK. So random rant of the day..
Now, I am all for this "Going Green" and being "Eco Friendly" business. I think it's fantastic! Seriously. If your place of work lays out separate waste bins labeled: Compost...Bottles and Cans...Paper...Trash (Yes, ESPN has them in EVERY cafeteria, break room, hallway, newsroom, studio, etc...) I'm pretty sure I can take the extra second to sort my garbage into the right place. 

However, one thing is am NOT all for: Paper Straws.
Yes. It's like drinking out of a mini paper towel tube.
I am aware that I am drinking chocolate milk--Its FREE, ok?? But what I don't like is my PAPER STRAW melting into my mouth as I enjoy my wonderfully free chocolate milk.

Aren't regular straws plastic? Isn't plastic recyclable?

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